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Taxi vs F1 Car: The full story behind the Mother City showdown [video]

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing brought Formula One fever to the streets of the Mother City last month, but not all its residents were easily infected.

Around these parts, the taxis rule the blacktop and David Coulthard was forced to earn his wings in a tongue-in-cheek race around the city. Would the mighty V8 engine be silenced by the bass of a Cape Town HiAce or could the bagpipes quell the drone of the vuvuzela?

Green lights mean go in the CBD and the flying Scotsman, accustomed to the five red lights was already at a disadvantage as the minibus disappeared into the inner-city labyrinth.

cc404112 david coulthard 2019 coulthard vs. taxi - Taxi vs F1 Car: The full story behind the Mother City showdown [video]
David Coulthard and a Taxi are seen during a video shoot in Cape Town, South Africa on June 1, 2019 Photo: Wayne Reiche/ Red Bull Content Pool

The Hi-Ace taxi flew out of the blocks

As the clip starts off, Coulthard’s smooth skills are no match for street smarts of the local taxi driver and his gaatjie (in a minibus the gaatjie is responsible for getting passengers and taking their fares), but in the end the Scotsman’s class was just too much for our homeboy’s crude tactics.

The clip is riddled with subtle nods to local culture, with David Coulthard even getting an opportunity to grab a copy of The Big Issue. Lyrical master and homegrown rapper YoungstaCPT spits some hard truths about the Mother City hustle out of a glitzy Aston Martin. His song “In the Cape of Good Hope” is the soundtrack for the clip.

Cape Town loves to put on a show for incoming visitors and the taxi team represents the warm Mzansi spirit of Ubuntu with aplomb. Local comedian Jason Goliath does a sterling job as the taxi driver and is partnered brilliantly with Sne Dladla as the gaatjie.

David Coulthard had this to say about the epic tussle, “I had a great opportunity to explore a little bit of downtown – just didn’t know I’d be racing though!”

“Filming this was incredible. I got a real feel of the Formula One car by seeing it up close and personal in a way you don’t get to see it on TV or in magazines,” added Jason Goliath.

The real winners, however, were the 46 000 fans who lined Darling Street for the once in a lifetime chance of seeing a championship-winning Formula One car scream through an iconic setting. South Africa showed its love for a sport that hasn’t touched these shores in decades and opened welcomed the international visitors with open arms.

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