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Berg & Bush makes the move to comfier race kit

One of South Africa’s most popular mountain
bike stage races, the Berg & Bush, has revealed its new kit for the 2019
event – and it looks very on point.

Known amongst mountain bikers for its dramatic descent from Harrismith into KZN on day one, and a punishing climb of the historical Spioenkop battleground on day three, the Berg & Bush is a highly regarded fixture on the local stage racing calendar.

This event is administered by the Green
family, who are farmers in the Drakensberg area where it is hosted, and enthusiastic
mountain bikers.

Reflecting a change in product demand from the
South African mountain biking market, the Berg & Bush will feature a
radically different riding jersey for this year.

Although most people associated mountain bike stage racing with tight-fitting lycra outfits that appear to have been sprayed onto competitors, this is not often the most comfortable gear for a South African stage race. Especially in summer.

The 2019 Berg & Bush consists of three events, which run in sequence, from 4-13 October, comprising two three-day events, with a two-day mid-week race in the middle.

11b7509a bergbush trailtee 2019 ladies - Berg & Bush makes the move to comfier race kit

Cooler and less constrictive

With the Berg & Bush events scheduled for the first two weeks of October, temperatures can soar in the Winterton area where riders will be cycling. Riding in looser race jerseys, which allow better airflow and cooling, are what you really need on a dusty, scorching, South African stage race.

Responding to this necessity, the 2019 Berg
& Bush race jerseys feature a charming and stylishly indigenous design.
They are also cut to a very different fit from what has gone before.

Keeping its proudly local, event organisers
have managed to commission the celebrated Ardmore design consultancy to produce
a vibrantly African riding jersey. This is the third year Berg & Bush have
partnered with Ardmore, which also has its roots in the Drakensberg area and resonates
globally with collectors of boutique ceramics and prints.

Not only does the 2019 race kit look
authentically African, the trail-tee design is also a lot more comfortable for amateur
mountain bikers which comprise the bulk of a Berg & Bush field.

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