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Zondo Inquiry To Release Ramaphosa Affidavit

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Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has announced that President Cyril Ramaphosa has agreed to make his affidavit on whether he has had any relations with the controversial Gupta family or Bosasa available to the public.

Zondo said on Friday several months ago he informed Ramaphosa the commission would need affidavits from previous and current members of Cabinet, including deputy ministers, on whether they had any relations with the Guptas and Bosasa, which is now known as African Global Operations.

“I just wish to announce that I did receive, early in July, such an affidavit from the president. He has made a request that the commission discloses the affidavit to the public, so that there may not be speculation about what the affidavit is saying,” he said.

The Deputy Chief Justice said Ramaphosa accepted that this was necessary and indicated he would furnish the commission with an affidavit making such disclosures, and undertook to encourage the rest of the Cabinet to do the same when approached by the commission.

“He also undertook to encourage Cabinet ministers that when they are approached by the commission, in this regard, they should cooperate,” Zondo said.


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