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Yeoville Residents Express Mixed Feelings Following Cele’s Visit

bheki cele 1 - Yeoville Residents Express Mixed Feelings Following Cele’s Visit

Yeoville residents say they have mixed feelings on whether Ministers Bheki Cele and Aaron Motsoaledi will stick to their word.

This follows governments crime imbizo in the area on Saturday.

Cele and Motsoaledi promised to work hard to address issues such as crime, unemployment and tensions between locals and foreign nationals in the area.

But they have admitted it will take time.

Residents in Yeoville raised complaints about corridor police officials, rampant crime and a lack of jobs.

Cele says they have heard Yeoville community’s cries.

“People that come from other countries must be documented when they arrive in South Africa. So, as the government we must work on those things; I’m sure that everything will be fine.”

His counterpart from Motsoaledi said only documented foreigners must enter the country.

The government says they will come back for a second imbizo in Yeoville.


Motsoaledi says the government is working on a border management authority to clamp-down on illegal border crossings.

Motsoaledi says the bill has been passed by the National Assembly but it’s stuck at the National Council of Provinces (NCOP).

Motsoaledi ensured the residents that the government is working on a plan to stop illegal migration.

The minister says he’s been instructed by President Cyril Ramaphosa to ensure the border management authority bill becomes law.

“When a person crosses the border, there’s going to be the department of Home Affairs, of course, it’s an Act under Home Affairs, but the police are going to be there and the army, the customs officials and the DTI.”

Motsoaledi says the bill is not xenophobic.

“You said that again and again and again; that’s not xenophobic but you said a xenophobic storm is brewing because of the conditions you find yourselves.”

The minister says he will be engaging with the NCOP to fast-track the bill.


After hearing residents complain about inadequate policing in Yeoville, Cele said the South African Police Service will do better.

However, to achieve that, Cele said they need the community of the troubled area to assist them by not abetting criminals.

Residents in the area raised concerns about police failing them and being corrupt.

Cele said he’s working in making sure that Yeoville is not a crime hub.

“If you’re an owner of a shebeen, it’s your responsibility to make sure that under 18s can’t be in shebeens. You are not complying and we will hit you hard.”

Cele made bold promises that he will ensure he roots out corruption in the police service.

He said he will work out a plan and come back to Yeoville to implement it.

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