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Western Cape Invests R1Billion To Train More Cops

Alan Winde - Western Cape Invests R1Billion To Train More Cops

The Western Cape government is investing more than R1 billion into the training and deployment of 3,000 new law enforcement officers.

Premier Alan Winde said more serious measures were needed to curb violent crime in the Cape, which was on the rise.

Winde said dealing with violent crime remained at the top of his agenda. He, however, believed it was one of the most complex challenges facing Western Cape authorities.

It’s for this reason the Western Cape government and City of Cape Town would be training 3,000 new law enforcement officers and 150 investigators.

Once training was completed, officers can work across the province.

“We will fund, train and deploy 3,000 new law enforcement officers, with 1,000 of them being trained and deployed this year already. The deployment will be data-driven.”

According to Winde, the murder ratio in the Western Cape was now at 60 for every 100,000 people.

Crime stats released earlier this month showed that three police stations in Cape Town alone recorded the most murders in the country.


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