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Water Department Hopes For Early Summer Rains

ct 1 - Water Department Hopes For Early Summer Rains

The Department of Water and Sanitation said it hoped the rains would come early this year to boost low dam levels.

Figures released this week show a decline in dam levels around the country due to the winter season.

The department’s Sputnik Ratau said the latest dam figures came as no surprise.

“It’s showing the reality of the fact that as we come out of winter, which has been a no-rainfall season for most of the country – especially the inland provinces, our dam levels would be showing a decline.”

Ratau said with the exception of the Western Cape, where there was a good amount of rainfall, the department was hoping summer rains would come sooner.

“As a country that receives less than world average rainfall anyway, even at the best of times, it is a question of how much we can still utilise going forward.”

The department has urged South Africans to continue using water responsibly.


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