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Union Representing Security Guards Warns Of Looming Nationwide Strike

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Organised labour in the security industry warned on Wednesday of a nationwide strike should their bosses refuse to meet their demands.

The employer was offering an increase of 1.1%, while workers wanted more.

Security guards were currently earning between R4,300 and just over R5,000 per month, depending on their grades. Organised labour in the sector was demanding between R7,500 and R8,500.

Employers had four rounds of talks involving seven unions, but the talks collapsed last week. The employer maintained that it could only offer an increase of 23 cents per hour across the board. Security sector employees described the wage offer by bosses as pathetic and unacceptable.

The Democratised Transport Logistics and Allied Workers’ Union (Detawu) general secretary Vusi Ntshangase said this was undermining the workers.

“Considering the offer on the table, it is clear that employers are not committed to playing a meaningful role in substantially improving the conditions of the security officers in South Africa.”

Meanwhile, the parties were expected to participate in a compulsory mediation at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration next week in an attempt to avoid a strike.

“The negotiations collapsed after the unions rejected the employers’ insulting offer outright on 19 September. According to the industry protocol on negotiations, both parties will participate in a compulsory negotiation process which is set to take place next week on 7 and 2 October,” said Ntshangase.

In 2006, more than 60 people were killed during a six-month-long security strike.

The unions called on security sector bosses to stop what they called unwarranted provocation of workers.


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