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Total Shutdown Protest Cape Town Gains Momentum

Total Shutdown Cape Town - Total Shutdown Protest Cape Town Gains Momentum

It’s set to be a morning of protest action and disruptions in Cape Town as organisers of the Total Shutdown mobilise.

There are reports of protest action on the M5 near Parkwood, as well as Voortrekker Road which is reportedly blocked off at Jakes Gerwel and 5th Avenue in Kensington.

There were also protests overnight in Ocean View on the South Peninsula – the road from Imhoff’s Farm is still closed as authorities mop up the debris from the protests.

The protests are part of Thursday’s planned total shutdown involving at least 13 communities. It was organised by a group called the Gatvol Capetonians Movement and it’s aimed at drawing attention to issues of housing on the peninsula.

“There is absolutely nothing happening with the housing situation in the City of Cape Town. We have people on the council’s waiting list since the bad old days of apartheid – 25 years, 30 years. People are turning into corpses in backyards. The manipulation of housing waiting lists… it is just total and utter madness, there’s no plan for our people.”

The group’s spokesperson Fadiel Adams said they want to keep today’s action as peaceful as possible.

“We have not instrcted any community on how or where to close down, we’ve merely asked for their participation. The community will decide how frustrated they are. We want this thing to be as peaceful as we can, no looting will be tolerated, no burning of infrastructure, no stoning and harassing of motorists will be tolerated.”


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