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Small Business Owners Worried About Load Shedding

business - Small Business Owners Worried About Load Shedding

BRAAMFONTEIN – Small business owners are on Friday worried they won’t be able to fully serve customers trying to keep cool in the heatwave thanks to load shedding.

Some businesses cannot afford backup generators and remain at the mercy of the power cuts.

Others are still recovering from more severe rolling blackouts which were implemented earlier this year.

With temperatures set to rise from Friday, many people will be looking to keep hydrated.

In Johannesburg, one tuckshop owner who is banking on selling cooldrinks, water and ice cream in bulk said this may not happen.

“The owner of the building doesn’t allow generators because it creates noise pollution. So, even if I can afford a generator, I can’t use it as I am a sub-tenant.”

Many have no choice but to close shop. While it may be too early to count the costs, many fear their businesses won’t survive this time around.

In Gauteng, temperatures are expected to start rising from Friday and peak on Saturday at around 37 degrees celsius.

This is set to place an even heavier strain on the national electricity grid, which is battling to cope.

The weather service said the Eastern Cape was already experiencing scorching heat in parts of the province, while the North West and Limpopo would not be spared.

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