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Sapo Confident CEO’s Resignation Won’t Hurt SOE

sapo - Sapo Confident CEO’s Resignation Won’t Hurt SOE

JOHANNESBURG – The Post Office said it was confident that the departure of its CEO Mark Barnes would not have a material impact on the company.

On Thursday, the state-owned entity announced Barnes’ resignation, saying he decided to call it quits over differences on the company’s future strategy relating to the structure of the Post Office group and its relationship with Postbank.

Barnes was instrumental was in the Post Office’s partnership with the SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) which was officially endorsed in September last year in what he described as a huge inter-governmental partnership.

Barnes, who has been at the helm after three-and-a-half years, has been credited by the board for leaving the company stabilized and without debt.

Mark Barnes became the latest CEO to resign from a state-owned enterprise following clashes with the board.

Post Office board member Charles Nwaila: “With the support of the board and the ministry, we are confident that the company will not be impacted by that.”


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