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SABC Financial Woes Worsen As Unpaid Bills Pile Up

SABC 3 e1541507375322 - SABC Financial Woes Worsen As Unpaid Bills Pile Up

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) board chair Bongumusa Makhathini says it has become increasingly difficult to stay on air and to pay its employees.

The public broadcaster had to tighten its belt last month by paying salaries at the expense of having several unpaid bills.

In March, the government announced that Treasury would be giving the SABC interim relief and not the entire R6.8 billion guarantee it had requested.

Makhathini says the public broadcaster has a debt of R1.9 billion and simply cannot pay it off.

“We owe SanTech about R337 million; we owe Supersport, which talks to us being able to cover sports, we them about R223 million. We owe the City of Joburg over R10 million.”

He says their current state is unsustainable and they will need to pay up at some point

“Can you imagine if the City of Joburg was to say they want their money all of it tomorrow, or if SanTech says ‘guys pay us something, otherwise we’re going under.’”

Makhathini says while management at the SABC has done a sterling job at cutting costs he does not know when there will be another cash injection from the government.


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