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Policing Union Tells Police: Don’t Think Twice, Shoot Criminals

Police 2 - Policing Union Tells Police: Don’t Think Twice, Shoot Criminals

The South African Policing Union said that policing laws regarding the discharge of firearms should be amended to protect officers.

There have been multiple attacks on officers in recent months.

A Steenberg sergeant died after he was shot in Lavender Hill last month while three officials were shot in Delft this past weekend.

One man died.

SAPU’s Tumelo Mogodiseng said that members risked their lives to protect communities, yet they’re afraid to use their weapons when in danger.

“Police officers are afraid to use their service firearms because they’re afraid that they’re going to be locked and no one is going to be there for them. People don’t even want to know what happened, they take up state cover from you; that’s why they’re’ so afraid to use their firearms even when they’re exposed to danger.”

Mogodiseng says officers shouldn’t think twice – they needed to protect themselves at all costs.

“When their lives are in danger, let them use the weapons that they’ve been given to make sure that they protect the citizens of this country because they’re not just firing like at the shooting range.

“There, criminals are shooting at them and they must respond. Please, don’t think twice, shoot at the criminals.”

Meanwhile, an investigation is still underway after one man died while another was wounded during crossfire between police and alleged gangsters in Manenberg last month.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate’s Sontaga Seisa said: “We’ve been waiting for the technical report that will assist us in terms of identifying exactly what the situation is with regard to what might have contributed to the death of the person.”


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