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Pete Mihalik’s Alleged Killers Denied Bail

pete 1 - Pete Mihalik’s Alleged Killers Denied Bail

Three men implicated in the murder of prominent Cape Town defence lawyer Pete Mihalik have been denied bail.

The decision was handed down in the Cape Town Magistrates Court on Monday afternoon.

Sizwe Biyela, Nkosonathi Khumalo and Vuyile Maliti were accused of Mihalik’s murder while he dropped his two children at school in Greenpoint, in October 2018.

His son was injured in the shooting.

Biyela, Khumalo and Maliti were charged with the premeditated murder of Mihalik and the attempted murder of his two children.

The court has found cellphone records connecting the three men prior to, and on the day of, the incident.

They also placed them at the crime scene the day before, as well as on the morning the family came under attack.

The State has opposed bail with the investigating officer Colonel Charl Kinnear, who previously informed the court that he believed the accused would attempt to evade their trial if released from custody.

The court has ruled there were no exceptional circumstances warranting their release on bail.


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