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Outrage Over First Khoisan Praise Singer At SONA

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Heritage activist Bradley Van Sitters who ushered Cyril Ramaphosa into the National Assembly ahead of the State of the Nation Address on Thursday has been labelled as a conman.

Namibian journalist Emil Seibeb has accused Van Sitters of fooling the entire nation by only using few words from the Khoisan language and using a lot from Khoekhoegowab language.

The moment a Khoisan praise singer ushered in President Ramaphosa

He took to social media to debunk Van Sitters’ praise, saying the language was not used properly.

Seibeb called on the language experts to expedite research and inclusion of these languages in mainstream education so that people can learn about them quickly.

He says what happened at Sona was a misrepresentation of the language and that should not be celebrated.

“The media reports from the South African media houses is rather confusing or rather misleading because you should know that we have the Khoisan language and then we have got the Khoekhoegowab language, which is in no way, not even remotely related.”

Many people on social media were left touched by his recitation, seeing this as a picture of a South Africa where all languages are given a fair representation.

For the first time in history, a Khoisan praise singer led the president of South Africa into parliament for Sona.


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