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NHI Will prioritise Women’s Healthcare Needs – Ramaphosa

president ramaphosa - NHI Will prioritise Women’s Healthcare Needs – Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa said he was committed to correcting impediments hampering women’s access to quality healthcare, including reproductive rights.

Ramaphosa told hundreds of people gathered in Vryburg in the North West for the National Women’s Day commemoration on Friday that government would ensure that the looming National Health Insurance (NHI) targeted women as its key beneficiaries.

Although the NHI was yet to be implemented with Cabinet only recently approving it and sending it to Parliament for the legislative process to get under way, the president already placed a bet on it.

He said through the health system, the needs of women would be prioritised.

The president told attendees of the women’s day event that their concerns about access to quality health care would be addressed.

“We will also correct whatever is standing in the way of this nation’s women and girls in enjoying quality and accessible healthcare, including reproductive healthcare. In 1994, the president of the newly democratic South Africa, President Mandela declared that pregnant women and children under the age of six would receive free healthcare in public facilities and it happened,” he said.

Ramaphosa added that the implementation of quality healthcare would ensure women were able to have the doors of opportunity opened to them.

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