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Mother, Entrepreneur, Beauty Queen – Mbalizethu Mkhize Does It All! compress image 24 - Mother, Entrepreneur, Beauty Queen – Mbalizethu Mkhize Does It All!

We are delighted
to introduce to you to the gorgeous and dynamic Mrs Africa finalist
(2020), Mbalizethu Mkhize (41). Her plight is empowering and
supporting the Siyaphambili Orphanage Inkwa with the aim of
delivering 6 months’ supply of washable sanitary pads to each girl at the
orphanage. Apart from being a strong, successful entrepreneur, she is a
professional model currently completing her MBA.

This super-mom
lives between South Africa and Los Angeles… and she’s determined to
let her charity initiatives rub off on her son. Her work at the orphanage has
inspired her teenager to introduce a tutor programme for the less

More about Mbali

Born (12
December 1977) and raised in Johannesburg, Mbalizethu’s work ethic was fostered
in her childhood years. Her father held a master’s degree in Education and was
a national policy maker in the Department of Education and her mother holds a
master’s degree in Social Work.

she has had her fair share of obstacles and tough times in her life: “Losing
the father of my son was horrible. He was my first boyfriend, my best friend. I
was also extremely sad for my son, with a challenge to raise him alone and
doing my best to give him the best possible life.”

 Armed with
ambition and drive, Mbali was determined to make a success of her life; for her
sake and for that of her son. She continues, “This [set back] made me who
I am today – strong and resilient, as I have to fight for both of us.”

astute business woman today owns and runs many successful businesses. These
include a medical tourism company with offices in Los Angeles, a recruitment
agency called Talent Pool, and recently launched, Venice
, a high-end luxury swimwear range available online. She’s also
about to launch a beauty product label called MM Beauty.

All this aside,
what strikes one most of all, is Mbali’s commitment to improving the quality of
other people’s lives through her philanthropic endeavours, particularly orphans
from disadvantaged communities.

Today, she plays
an active role in the SB Mkhize Foundation, which was established in honour of
her father, who himself was an orphan; a child slave that made it against all
odds. She explains, “His spirit was never broken, he was optimist,
compassionate. He made it his life mission to make sure that every child has an
opportunity to education. His favourite saying was “” education levels the
playing fields””.

 As a
founding member and co-director of the foundation her focus is on changing
vulnerable children’s futures through skills development. She adds, “His life
story is so inspiring and unique, my strength and resilience definitely comes
from him”. 

 And her
next major goal? Not only winning Mrs Africa 2020 but going on to do win Mrs
Globe, in order to use this as a platform to save the futures of vulnerable

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