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Mogoeng Urges Public To Expose Corruption In Judiciary

mogoeng - Mogoeng Urges Public To Expose Corruption In Judiciary

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has called on those making allegations against judges and the judiciary to stop hiding behind fictional identities or names.

Mogoeng has been addressing the media along with judge presidents Dunstan Mlambo and Cagney Musi on Friday.

The judiciary has come under much scrutiny in recent weeks.

The chief justice spoke strongly against the spreading of rumours against judges and the judiciary that could not be backed up.

“Only a sworn enemy of our constitutional democracy would make allegations so grave against the judiciary without the evidence to back them up.”

He said he never received any formal complaints against his colleagues.

“Make your true identity and contact details known to us and the South African public. Tell us which judge has been captured, corrupted and by whom.”

The chief justice said for the sake of a South Africa that deserves a corruption-free judiciary, those making allegations should be willing to give evidence even in a court of law.

He said he has been assured by provincial leaders in the judiciary that recent allegations against judges were not true and he believed them.

Mogoeng added he heard claims that he was aware of the capture of the judiciary in the Free State.

He said to this day, he has not received a formal complaint.

“I have been assured by all the provincial leaders that those allegations are false. In the absence of concrete proof to the contrary, I believe my colleagues.”

Musi has echoed the chief justice’s sentiments.

“Then he said judges’ wives are doing business with the provincial administration. We have no names. None of the judges know of their wives doing any business with the administration.”

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