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Mike Waters: DA Needs To Get Back To Its Core Values

Voting DA - Mike Waters: DA Needs To Get Back To Its Core Values

Divisions in the Democratic Alliance (DA) have become more evident with members accusing each other of trying to scupper the political future of former leader Helen Zille.

Deputy federal chairperson Mike Waters, who had recently complained about Mmusi Maimane’s use of a vehicle donated by Steinhoff, added his voice to the ongoing debate on Monday, saying Zille should be allowed back into the party’s top structures.

The DA is currently waiting for the completion of its own performance review, which will tell its members exactly where the party has lost ground and what the causes were.

But those seen to be opposed to Maimane as the leader have provided their own diagnosis saying the party needed to get back to its core values of non-racialism.

Zille, one of the candidates contesting to be the party’s next Federal Council chairperson, shared her views about what the party needs.

“I thought I needed to give it one last try – so the position if I can win it – get unity going in the party again, get stability going in the party again and all the critical things that it needs to make progress,” Zille said.

Waters said the May elections, where the DA lost ground, was a wake-up call for the party to get back to its core values.

“Since the May general elections, we’ve lost even more support. We’ve lost a third of the wards we’ve been defending across the country, to both the ANC and the Freedom Front Plus. So, there’s clearly something wrong with our messaging and the way we engage with our voters. I believe we need to go back to our values of classic liberalism,” Waters added.


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