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Lead Investigator In Amy’Leigh De Jager Case Accused Of Stalling Rape Case

judge - Lead Investigator In Amy’Leigh De Jager Case Accused Of Stalling Rape Case

JOHANNESBURG – The lead investigator in the Amy’Leigh de Jager kidnapping case has been accused of stalling in a rape matter and leaving the victim in the dark.

Modiehi Mokoena was allegedly raped by a family prophet, who was called to perform rituals in her home in October last year.

She told Eyewitness News that the prophet had not been charged and she was living in fear as he lived only 15 kilometres away from her.

Twenty-three-year-old Mokoena has told EWN that she was home alone washing the dishes when the prophet came to visit her parents.

“He told me there was a shadow that hovers around me when I’m sleeping. He said he was here to cleanse me urgently because he was here to stop it because I would never have children or get married. I was in the bathroom, he stormed in and dragged me to the bedroom and forced himself on me. Afterwards, he said I need to bath so he could take the water and pour it in the street near my gate and the shadow would go away.”

She said after she was raped, she told her parents who then took the matter to the police.

A docket was opened, and the man was arrested but she was told by constable Clayton Motloung that she did not need to be in court for the first appearance

“The police officer disappeared for a while and I went to the Vereeniging police station and they told me my case had been struck off the roll because I kept changing the date of when I was raped.”

Mokoena said after laying the complaint in October, she only heard from police in July this year telling her the DNA results showed the pastor was involved.

She said apart from this, there had been no other information from Motloung or the police.

After Eyewitness News made various inquiries, the police said now that they had the DNA results, the case would be put back on the court roll.

They have explained that the matter was withdrawn to allow the results to be processed but conceded a breakdown in communication.

In the meantime, Mokoena said she lived in fear knowing that the pastor lived near her and unsure of the way forward.


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