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Kroket | Traditional From The Netherlands

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Kroket is a modern Dutch counterpart to the classic French croquettes, consisting of ingredients such as meat, seafood, cheese, and gravy that are refrigerated, rolled into logs, breaded and deep-fried until they develop a golden-brown color.

The most typical Dutch kroket is made with meat ragout covered in breadcrumbs. The oldest recipe for the Dutch kroket is believed to date back to 1830, and since then, it has appeared in numerous Dutch cookbooks. Originally, kroket was served as a side dish, but after World War II, it quickly became a popular snack item.
Today, kroketten can also be served in a croquette sandwich or accompanied by French fries, in numerous varieties such as goulash kroket, prawn kroket, and vegetarian kroket. There is also the bitterbal, a small, round-shaped version of kroket made with beef or veal, which is a popular snack in bars throughout the Netherlands.

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