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Jacob Zuma: Attempts To Assassinate My Character Started In The 90s

Jacon Zuma at state capture inquiry - Jacob Zuma: Attempts To Assassinate My Character Started In The 90s

Former President Jacob Zuma on Monday said there have been attempts to drive him to disappear.

Testifying at the state capture commission on Monday, Zuma was answering to some of the major controversial claims of corruption levied against him.

Jacob Zuma has been named as a key figure in a number of scandals that have played out over some years including his alleged close links to the controversial Gupta family.

The country’s third democratic president said the corruption charges he was facing, the accusations made at the commission was the culmination of a character assassination that started in the 1990s, which was led by foreign and local intelligence agencies.

Zuma argued that the first act of this “character assassination” started when he was removed as head of the African National Congress (ANC)’s intelligence desk, under former Nelson Mandela’s administration.

He also spoke about the reinstated charges relating to the arms deal, saying: “Clearly, that indicated the implementation of that particular plan and conspiracy.”


Zuma claims there were plans to have him arrested prior to the 52nd National Conference of the ANC that took place in back in 2007.

“There was a determination to arrest me before the conference.” He said this was done so that he doesn’t take part in it.

This was when Jacob Zuma was still the deputy president of the republic.

Zuma also said the spy tapes or so called “Zuma tapes” saga was part of the plan to get rid of him.

“When I was being dismissed, the president said Zuma must have his day in court and I hadn’t been charged by then. It was my first time hearing that I will be in court.”

He said Schabir Shaik was first charged after being accused of corruption with Zuma. “They wanted Schabir to be convicted in order to charge me. In a sense prolonging the narrative that Zuma is corrupt.”


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