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Gordhan Says Won’t Be Intimidated By EFF

eff 3 - Gordhan Says Won’t Be Intimidated By EFF

CAPE TOWN – Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan said he would not be intimidated by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Gordhan said the EFF’s bid to try to prevent him from presenting his budget was a “defence of state capture”.

WATCH: EFF disrupts Gordhan in Parliament

He was speaking after EFF MPs were ejected from his budget vote on Thursday after labelling him a “constitutional delinquent” and approaching him at the podium, a move roundly condemned by all other parties in the House.

Gordhan stood his ground throughout the fracas.

“What you’ve witnessed is a defence of state capture, because one must ask ‘what is it that motivates ordinary Members of Parliament to engage in such intimidatory tactics?’ And the question you, ourselves and the public must ask, is what do they have to hide?”

Gordhan said he would not be deterred.

“Intimidation of this kind, let me say very clearly and categorically, is not going to intimidate me and stop us from fighting the good fight.”

Gordhan referred to party colleagues, who like him, had faced the might of the apartheid state:

“We’ve survived apartheid, we’ll survive this fascist populism.”


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