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Global Travel Site Reveals Top 50 Bucket List Destinations

Bucket list travel - Global Travel Site Reveals Top 50 Bucket List Destinations

Global travel site Big 7 Travel has released the official list of the ‘Top 50 Bucket List Destinations 2019’.

Following on from sample survey results* of
our 1.5million social audience, we found out which destinations across the
world feature most on people’s bucket lists.

Bali, Indonesia, came in at No.1,
with New Orleans, USA at No.2 and Ireland’s Ring of Kerry at No.3.

People were also more likely to add a
destination to their list if they had seen it on social media – our study found
that 33% of people research holiday destinations via their Instagram feed.

Unsurprisingly, countries with naturally beautiful scenery or world-famous
landmarks came out on top. 22% of the top bucket list destinations have white
sandy beaches, while 52% are an iconic city. The average number of destinations
on a bucket list is 11, with people hoping to visit at least seven of those
places during the lifetime.

TOP 15

Paro Valley, Bhutan

Rome, Italy

Edinburgh, Scotland

Dubrovnik, Croatia

New York, USA

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Dubai, UAE

Cape Town, South Africa

Paris, France

The Maldives

Sydney, Australia

Marrakech, Morocco

Kerry, Ireland

New Orleans, USA

Bali, Indonesia

who made it into the Top 25 include Scotland and Italy, as well as Tokyo,
thanks to its futuristic buildings and old-meets-new vibe. Other places in the
Top 50 to add to your ‘must-visit’ include Bhutan and Jordan.

  • For the full list of the Top 50 Bucket List Destinations of 2019,
    please see here.

shows no sign of slowing down as a key driver in travel trends:

67% of people surveyed by Big 7 Travel said
they have visited a new destination after seeing it on Instagram.

While printed guidebooks still have their
uses, more and more tourists are using only Instagram for travel
recommendations – 33% of people surveyed say they research their upcoming
holiday destination via their Instagram feed.

With 77% of people surveyed taking 2-5
holidays a year (including weekend breaks), the most popular travel content on
social media are Bucket List experiences and luxury hotels.

representative sample of 9,837 people from countries across the world was used
for this study.

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