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Fritz: Army Must Not Get Involved In Civilian Policing

fritz - Fritz: Army Must Not Get Involved In Civilian Policing

CAPE TOWN – Western Cape Community Safety MEC Albert Fritz said that he wants to exhaust all options before calling for the army to be deployed to gang-ravaged communities.

Fritz said that the provincial government was going ahead with an intergovernmental dispute with Police Minister Bheki Cele.

Provincial authorities are scrambling to quell rampant gang violence in several Cape Town communities.

MEC Albert Fritz said that a meeting between him and Police Minister Bheki Cele is planned for next month.

Fritz said that once an intergovernmental dispute over policing resources was exhausted, he would consider calling for the army.

“And the army to really play a role in securing certain areas, like they used to do in the 80s, and then go in, with the police still doing the policing but they [the army] just secure the escape routes so that they [the police] can search door-by-door, house-by-house.”

Previous calls for army deployment have been refused.

This after nothing came of former Police Minister Fikile Mbalula’s promise of boots on the ground.

Fritz’s plan involves the army blocking all exits, while police conduct their work in gang-ridden communities.

He’s emphasised that the army must not get involved in civilian policing.


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