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Families Of Victims Satisfied With Krugersdorp Killers’ Sentences

Krugersdorp killers 1 - Families Of Victims Satisfied With Krugersdorp Killers’ Sentences

The wife of one of the victims in the Krugersdorp killings said that she has had to lie to her three-year-old son about what happened to his father.

Kevin McAlpine was strangled and left in the boot of his car in May 2016.

He was one of 11 victims who were brutally murdered by Cecilia Steyn, Zack Valentine and Marcel Steyn.

The Krugersdorp killers were handed multiple life sentences each in the Johannesburg High Court on Monday.

Kezia McAlpine said she was relieved that the trial was over and that they now move on with their lives.

“I feel like it is something that I deal with every day and it was people that decided to take him from us which is difficult as well but I am glad that they now have to sit for the rest of their lives and think about what they did. I’m glad that the judge mentioned many of what we said and how it affected us. I was very happy with that.”

Her husband Kevin never got to meet their now three-year-old son. She said that she knew that someday she would have to tell him what happened to his father.

“He asked me where his dad is and I’ve come up with a good answer for now but one day he will know he’ll also know who his dad was and that he was an awesome, amazing person that loved him very much.”

McAlpine said that she knew that she’d never see her husband again, she was comforted by the fact that the trio would spend a very long time behind bars.


The brother of one of the other victims said he believed that through yesterday’s sentence, his sister’s death was avenged.

Hanle Lategan’s body was found next to a stream in Randfontein in May 2016.

Her brother Ferde de Wit said he’s happy with the sentences given.

“All three got life sentences. If you take a life, you must get a life sentence. You must get what you do to other people.”


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