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Don’t Just Spring-Clean Your Home, Spring-Renovate With These Five Top Renovation Tips

Painting - Don’t Just Spring-Clean Your Home, Spring-Renovate With These Five Top Renovation Tips

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and the perfect time to refresh your home and start a renovation or improvement project that you may have put off all winter. Spring is also all about love and joy and so if you aren’t feeling the love for your home or feeling joyful in your space then it may also be time for a change.

Brights Hardware has put together a list of five home-improvement projects that will help you spring into action and revitalise your home, having it looking its best.

A splash of paint

“A fresh coat of paint, both inside and out, is the perfect way to revitalise your home for Spring,” says Orlando Luis, CEO of Brights. “Just remember that paint often dries darker or brighter than the swatches, so sample it on a piece of scrap cardboard or a small area of a wall first to ensure you are happy with the colour. Also, invest in a high-quality paint to ensure a long-lasting paint job.”

When it comes to which colour to choose, be careful when following current trends as you need to live with the paint choice for a few years. More neutral shades are often a better choice and then you can add splashes of vibrant Spring colour through the addition of cushions, carpets, throws, curtains and accessories.

One, Two, Three, Floor

“If your home has worn out old carpets, dated tiles or cracked and peeling linoleum then perhaps it is time to consider new flooring,” advises Luis. “There are so many wonderful options on the market these days to suite all tastes and budgets. Choose between hardwood, laminate, bamboo and vinyl flooring in a variety of colours, or opt for new plush carpeting or tiles in porcelain, ceramic, marble or slate – with infinite different styles, colours and finishes. Some require more prep work than others, whilst some can be installed over your existing floor surface for a quick turnaround.”

Luis says that if budget is tight there are solutions available. “Such as stripping out old carpets and then sanding and sealing, or painting, the underlying concrete (if it is in good condition and not cracked or crumbling). There are also paint products on the market that allow you to paint over your existing tiles for an instant impact.”

The Pane of Old Windows

“If you live in an older home it may be time to consider installing new windows,” says Luis. “Many older homes in South Africa have outdated steel framed windows that may be rusted (if you live in a coastal region) and should be replaced with aluminium. Wooden window frames can rot in our extreme climate and so may be cracked and broken and require replacing. Or perhaps your home has small windows where you could be maximising on light and air flow with a bigger frame – or even install a set of French doors or a sliding door.”

“If your funds are running low, and you don’t have the money to spend on new doors or windows, you can opt for a simple Spring fix by sanding and painting your existing windows and then installing new window treatments such as fresh new curtains or modern blinds.”

Get Cooking In The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and if yours is not giving you good vibes then perhaps it is time for a change. “If your cabinets are old and dated and budget allows then installing new ones is always a wonderful option and will increase the value of your home as well. If budget is a bit more limited then only replacing the counter tops will also give an instant lift.”

“However, if you are renovating on a shoe string then painting the cabinets and replacing the handles for something updated and fashionable is a great way to redo your kitchen without spending very much. These days there are a variety of paint products available that allow you to paint over melamine cupboards as well,” says Luis.

Take the indoors out

With the weather warming up, South Africans will start to spend more time outdoors, and what better way to celebrate the arrival of Spring than by creating an outdoor entertainment area for some alfresco dining?

Luis further advises that you can quickly create an outdoor entertainment area by removing old unhealthy grass and laying down paving stones and stone chip – perhaps in the shade of a favourite tree or near to a water feature or the swimming pool.

“String up some outdoor fairy lights or purchase some solar lighting solutions for some instant lighting. If budget allows, treat yourself to some new outdoor furniture to finish off your entertainment space. Otherwise there are paint products available that you can use to spruce up old garden furniture – whether it be metal, wood or plastic – with a fresh coat of paint. Then invest in a portable braai that suits your needs – whether it is wood, coal or gas burning – and invite friends and family around to admire your newly renovated home and new alfresco dining area.”

“Upgrading your home doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult and it doesn’t have to involve contractors. There are a variety of projects for all price ranges and all levels of skill and enthusiasm that can improve your home’s look and feel, and ultimately its value, whether to future buyers or, perhaps more importantly, to you. Putting a few of these home-improvement ideas into action will help you get the most out of your home.”

Luis advises that Brights Hardware has on-site experts in all of their stores to provide advice and guidance on any Spring home renovations and upgrades. “Whatever you may be wanting to spring up in your home, our knowledgeable staff members can provide you with all the product insights and information that you need.”

Brights Hardware is a Western Cape based hardware chain that was founded in 1971 as a General Dealer specialising in electrical contracting and repairs. Brights remains a family business and over the past 48 years has grown considerably, now consisting of eight stores in Boston, Blackheath, Langebaan, Mitchells Plain, Montague Park, Plattekloof, Uitzicht and a new Brackengate store. There is also an online store available at

Product recommendations from the experts:

Paint to pick

Brights stock a new products called Dulux Easycare @R489 per 5L, which is new matt washable and stain resistant technology paint with 15 year guarantee – and it is 20 times tougher than normal PVA. But before you pick a final colour, try the Dulux 30ml testers which is a small quantity of paint contained in a plastic container with a small roller on it to apply a test patch of paint on your wall. It sells for only R20 per colour.

Floor it

Brights stock 8mm Laminated Flooring at R129 per square and also has new ECO polymer skirting available in various shape and sizes.

When it comes to concrete floor coatings Brights recommend Alcolin Epoxy floor paint in various colours @ R749 per 5L.

Windows treatment

Brights recommend coating your window frames with top of the range Rubbol preservative @ R1399 per 5L or use WoodGuard Timba preservative @R559 per 5L.

Products to renovate the kitchen

If there is any mould in the kitchen or bathrooms after winter use Mould Buster @ R84.95 per 500ml before repainting. When it comes to painting the kitchen cabinets Brights recommend Dulux Pearlglo solvent based enamel @ R619 per 5L or Plascon Velvaglo @ R629 per 5L, both available in various colours.

To refurbish old garden furniture:

Brights recommend the refurbishment of old metal surfaces with Hammerite coatings at R319 per 1L and for other product surfaces like plastic, polymers, glass etc, use the Rust-Oleum range of different spray paints to revitalise any surface to its former glory. When it comes to the braai surfaces use Duram NS7 heat resistant paint @R299 per 500ML.

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