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DA Seeks To Source Power Directly From Independent Producers

eskom 1 - DA Seeks To Source Power Directly From Independent Producers

The Democratic Alliance (DA) wants to directly source and buy electricity from independent power producers.

The party has now invited Energy Minister Gwede Manatashe to brief its standing committee on finance and economic opportunities and tourism about proceedings relating to that request.

The standing committee wants legislation to permit municipalities to find alternative sources of energy, to mitigate the effects of load shedding.

The DA’s Deidre Baartman: “I’ll be asking Minister Mantashe why his department is dragging its feet in approving Section 34 determinations, which will release the Western Cape from its energy dependency on Eskom and free us from load shedding. The law states that municipalities have the right to source energy independently following approval from the Minister of Energy.”

Meanwhile, the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that the load shedding notice was guaranteed to provoke and extremely negative reaction from the business community.

The chamber’s president Geoff Jacobs said that with muted GDP growth and unemployment at unprecedented levels, the country could not afford additional constraints to an already burdened system.

“Business needs one thing and that is certainty. If a country cannot provide certainty of power supply, we suffer. Local production will be negatively affected and few investors will find South Africa an attractive destination to set up shop where regular and reliable electricity supply can cease at a moment’s notice.”


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