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DA MP Hlanganani Gumbi To Helen Zille: Race matters

gumbi - DA MP Hlanganani Gumbi To Helen Zille: Race matters

JOHANNESBURG – A Democratic Alliance (DA) Member of Parliament has taken on Federal Council chairperson Helen Zille over what he called her denial that race matters when dealing with redress.

Hlanganani Gumbi said it was concerning that Zille took what he viewed as an aggressive policy posture on the issue.

Last week, Zille said she believed race mustn’t play a role in DA policy.

“Race matters, Helen!” – This was how Gumbi started his opinion piece taking on the DA leader.

He said he believed race was a proxy for disadvantage and was warning the party not to fall into the trap of romanticising the advances that a very small size of the black middle class had made to overcome poverty and empower their families.

“Even if we take a simple example such as black tax and what it does to young black professionals and families as an expense, keeps some kind of toxic perpetual relationship and ultimately, we need to be building a political party that is founded in economic, social and fundamental justice.”

He said the party needed to be careful of how it dealt with this issue: “I think, especially on race issues, we must just be a little more cautious.”

Gumbi, who said he would vote for Makashule Gana to be the next leader of the party, said he was looking forward to the DA’s policy conference and also said he hoped the party would finally map out its future to South Africans.


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