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CT Man Missing For 6 Years Reunited With Mother

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 Cape Town man has been reunited with his mother who believed he’d died after he disappeared six years ago. 

Jane Daniels last saw 30-year-old Denzil Daniels outside their home in Delft.

The mentally challenged man vanished without a trace and his 60-year-old mother lost hope of ever seeing him alive again.

About two weeks ago, Jane was informed that police in eSwatini found Denzil scratching in bins outside a supermarket. He has been in their care ever since.

Emotions ran high as Jane embraced her son, something the 60-year-old woman said she never thought she’d be able to do again.

Denzil, dressed neatly in clean jeans and a blue, grey and white tracksuit top, appeared to be happy to see his mother. He wore a broad smile but seemed somewhat confused.

Jane says her husband, who died in December last year, would have been overjoyed to be reunited with his son after so many years.

The couple held a memorial service to bid Denzil farewell after years of fruitless searches.

It remains a mystery how Denzil landed up in the small kingdom without documents allowing him to be there.


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