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Amy-Lee de Jager Kidnappers Demand Ransom

Amy Lee de Jager - Amy-Lee de Jager Kidnappers Demand Ransom

The family of a six-year-old girl who’s been abducted in Vanderbijlpark have told Eyewitness News the kidnappers have demanded a ransom.

Amy-Lee de Jager was kidnapped in front of Laërskool Kollegepark on Monday from her mother’s car.

Police said that the grade R pupil was then pushed into a white Toyota Fortuner by four men, who sped off with her.

Amy-Lee de Jager’s grandfather Martin Brouwer has told Eyewitness News that the little girl’s mother is helping police to go through this morning’s sequence of events.

Brouwer has confirmed that the kidnappers have made contact with the family demanding ransom but could not disclose the exact details.

But it’s understood that a demand of R2 million has been made.

Brouwer said that the men waited for De Jager outside the school premises and believed the attack was specifically aimed at her.

The family was speaking to police about any possible suspects.


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