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Agrizzi Regrets Not Collecting More Evidence On Bosasa

angelo - Agrizzi Regrets Not Collecting More Evidence On Bosasa

JOHANNESBURG – Former Bosasa chief operating officer Angelo Agrizzi said that he regrets not collecting more evidence from his former company when he decided to expose its corrupt dealings.

Agrizzi told the commission of inquiry into state capture three months ago that Bosasa had made large donations to government officials, including some African National Congress (ANC) heavyweights.

The wealthy businessman has labelled his former boss CEO Gavin Watson as the mastermind who used him and other employees to carry out illegal activities.

Agrizzi said he doesn’t regret blowing the whistle on Bosasa’s corruption.

“I’d have collected more information over a longer period of time so that I’d have more substantive information for them. Unfortunately, the circumstances had it… a lot of information was wiped, I couldn’t get to it even though we had whistle-blowers inside. Everything was blocked immediately after blowing the whistle.”


Agrizzi said that the most bizarre favours he had to do involved parties for former President Jacob Zuma.

In March, the Zondo commission heard how Bosasa sponsored Zuma’s 72nd birthday cake, even designing the logo on top.

Part of the other favours Agrizzi claims he had to do for ANC officials was to cater for up to 50,000 people at rallies.

He said that the parties for Zuma, which Bosasa had to cater for, were bizarre and luxurious.

“We’d have to fly in chefs, we’d have to make sure there were marquees with air conditioning, draping, even going down to making up a birthday cake… getting calls at 8pm at night and saying ‘look, you need to prepare 20,000 lunch packs for tomorrow morning for a rally or campaign, and it all needed to be done because it was all ANC.”

Agrizzi didn’t want to weigh in on the extent of corruption involving government officials.

“It would be presumptuous for me to make a statement and to say that that’s up to the courts, we have a very good judicial system in place at the moment and they need to make that decision, the Zondo Commission [sic].”


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