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Vusi Nova on his SAMA nominations

Musician Vusi Nova chats to us about his four South African Music Awards nominations and what he’s looking forward to most at the ceremony. By Kwanele Mathebula

Image: Vusi Nova IG

 It feels incredible to be recognised by the SAMAs. These nominations have made me realise that my peers, colleagues, role models and fans see the hard work I put into my music, and appreciate it. It’s also amazing for my team members, who have been with me through it all, to be part of earning the recognition they deserve for the role they play in my career. I still can’t believe that I have four nominations!

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The Record of the Year nomination means a lot to me. Although all the nominations are great, this is the most coveted of all awards, largely because it is voted for by the fans. To have made it from top 20 to 10 is affirming. I hope that I win!

I am looking forward to hitting the stage at the SAMAs. I am excited to give my fans a great performance and share the stage with other talented artists. I love performing and being on stage as this is when I feel the most comfortable. I would also like to bring home some awards.

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I am excited to share more music from my album Manyan-Nyan. The response from my fans has been positive as they’re enjoying the music. I am excited to have more performances which I usually put up on my social media pages so people know where I’ll be performing next.

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