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Useful ways to survive winter

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Winter may be a short season, but it hugely affects the environment and our bodies.

Just think about how your skin changes, how the leaves aren’t as green as they used to be and how your washing takes even longer to dry.

It may be hard to adjust to the dropping temperatures, but we have a few suggestions to help you get through the season a lot easier.

1. A thick blanket. A warm, cosy blanket is a no-brainer. Yes, you may struggle to get up in the morning because you’re extra warm, but you’ll need it to survive the cold temperatures. And we can all agree that it’s hard to fall asleep when you’re shivering, so keep yourself warm by snuggling up in a blanket when it’s bedtime.

2. An oil heater. Oil heaters are suitable for living rooms, bathrooms, garages and bedrooms. These heaters are convenient because they allow you to customise your heating preference with the use of adjustable thermostats. They are also quite simple to manoeuvre, making it easy to move from one room to another.

3. Washing machine. There is no better time to get a washing machine than in winter. Washing machines are convenient in winter because you won’t have put your hands through any discomfort when laundry day arrives. Tap water can be extremely cold in winter, which can make hand washes unbearable. Washing machines do the work for you — all you need is a high-quality laundry detergent, fabric softener and a load of dirty clothes. Doing laundry won’t seem like a nightmare anymore.

4. Travel mug. Travel mugs are a must-have in winter because they will keep hot beverages warmer for longer. If you’re running out of time and cannot have a drink before you leave the house, simply pour your favourite hot beverage into the mug before leaving and take it with you to drink on the road.

5. Warm shoes. Keep a pair of warm and comfortable shoes nearby. Trust us, they will help you get through the cold. Have a pair of boots to keep your feet warm wherever you go or keep a pair of fluffy slippers next to your bed. When you’re at home watching a movie with the kids, these shoes are a convenient option to keep you comfy.

5. Petroleum jelly. Ensure you have a jar of petroleum jelly in your cupboard. As we know, your skin becomes drier during winter so using petroleum jelly or a non-greasy body lotion on your body will keep your skin hydrated. And if you will still be handwashing a few clothes, make sure you wash your hands afterwards and apply some petroleum jelly to keep your hands moisturised.

With the arrival of winter, keep you and your family prepared (and warmer) with these useful tips.

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