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Sanaa Lathan talks marriage

Actress and one of our faves Sanaa Lathan discussed her views on marriage at CultureCon this past weekend. During a conversation with journalist Taylor Rooks, the star was asked about the obsession for women around black women and marriage.

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According to Essence, Sanaa simply responded by saying in part: “We read all these fairy tales, Snow WhiteCinderella, and they’re being chosen by a man. That’s when you win when you are chosen by a man. That’s not the truth! I’ma choose me first.”

She continued: “You see how many relationships aren’t working. The divorce rate is—I don’t know—it has got to be over 50 percent. So I wouldn’t invest in something with less than 50 percent. That’s more than half of failure.”

Sanaa also shared that although she wasn’t looking for marriage, she hasn’t given up on love. She said in part: “I do believe in love and I want that for myself, but right now I’m focused on loving myself and the truth is when you start loving yourself, you attract a better quality of situation,” she said. “I want somebody who wants me shining; who is not scared of that; who will be there after the day’s over and actually cares about what’s going on in my life. And I want to do the same for someone.”

Sanaa Lathan talks marriage. What do you think about what she has to say?


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