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SAMA 2019 hosts announced

The hosts for this year’s South African Music Awards will have a total of six hosts. Each set will represent some of our most iconic music eras such as the 90s, 2000s and 2010 onwards. The hosts are legendary presenters Mel Bala and Bob Mabena who are reuniting on screen since their Studio Mix days. Khuli Chana and Twasa Seoke will rep the 2000s and Nomzamo Mbatha and Mpho Popps will represent the young ones.

The SAMAs shared the exciting news on social media.

The SAMAs take place on 31 May and June 1 at Sun City, North West province. The awards will be broadcast live on June 1 on SABC1 at 8pm.

SAMA 2019 hosts announced. We can’t wait to watch!



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As part of the 6 hosts, we’re bringing you a funny insurance guy who held it down at #SAMA24 last year and a beautiful actress alongside him… Guess who? 1f440 - SAMA 2019 hosts announced #SAMA25

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Y’all ready… ? 1f914 - SAMA 2019 hosts announced • #SAMA25 #SAMAHosts #2019 #StudioMix #Recognise @thesamas_ #RealGsThrowbackAnytime

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