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REVIEW: Zio La Famiglia

zio 400x389 - REVIEW: Zio La Famiglia

Our features writer Fundiswa Nkwanyana tasted Zio La Famiglia’s winter menu, and tells us all about it.



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Big week – setup in progress! See you soon, JHB 1f62c - REVIEW: Zio La Famiglia

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Up until I was invited to taste the winter menu, I was oblivious to the existence of this urban and trendy restaurant, even though I’ve walked past it several times. This is because it’s discreetly tucked away in a small shopping centre in Hyde Park. When I walked in, I was surprised by its vibrant atmosphere.  The subtle décor with different shades of brown furniture paired with lush green plants and a pop of colour made me feel relaxed and calm.

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Mediterranean Pasta 250x250 - REVIEW: Zio La Famiglia
zio 27 250x250 - REVIEW: Zio La Famiglia
Steamed Brioche buns 250x250 - REVIEW: Zio La Famiglia
Chocolate and Walnut Brownie and the Torta della Nonna. 250x250 - REVIEW: Zio La Famiglia
Lamb Cutlets and The Sriracha Prawns. 250x250 - REVIEW: Zio La Famiglia

I was eager to taste what Alessandro “Alex” Khojane, the owner of Zio La Fagmilia, and his team had to offer. And, I was not disappointed. For starters, I enjoyed sriracha prawns with garlic butter and prickled pineapple salsa.  I loved the subtle tanginess of the pineapple that was balanced out by the garlic. The second starter was a steamed brioche bun that when cut open had a soft pork shoulder served with spicy soy dipping sauce and sesame mayo. The dipping sauce was the key ingredient for me as it blended all the flavours together.  Mediterranean pasta with prawns, olives, cherry tomato, basil, garlic and white wine was served as one of the mains. I loved that this pasta dish did not have a thick sauce, and it was filling. I also tasted the delicious lamb cutlets served with couscous, green beans and tahina yoghurt. For dessert, I had a delicious and soft chocolate and walnut brownie.

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Weekend plans? Here’s one: lunch or dinner at ZIO! 1f35d - REVIEW: Zio La Famiglia1f354 - REVIEW: Zio La Famiglia1f957 - REVIEW: Zio La Famiglia

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This Italian bistro offers winter meals with a fresh and interesting take on the combination of flavours. If you are looking for a quiet and mature restaurant to treat your taste buds this winter, I highly recommend this gem.

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