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REVIEW: The Marabi Club

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The Marabi Club is home to gourmet meals, a wide selection of wine and drinks as well as world-class jazz music. All of this is neatly packaged in a picturesque restaurant filled with antique furniture. By Fundiswa Nkwanyana

As a lover of live jazz music and fine dining, The Marabi Club met and exceeded my expectations, and this is why.


Like many people, I also have a warped perception of Doornfontein. The impression of this place is that it’s only a crime-ridden area. So, I was surprised to find upmarket establishments like this one that are changing this view. When I arrived, two gentlemen in black suits greeted and ushered me into the venue. As I walked in, I saw the iconic wall of fame that’s autographed by jazz legends and an inviting bar. I don’t usually enjoy sitting by the bar, but this time I wanted to because I was eager to study the wall of fame. And, the barman was inviting and conversational. After finishing my drink, I was escorted to my table.

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I could see from the modern and elegant table setting that the food prepared by chef Katlego was going to be memorable.  The menu was described in an enticing way and filled with experimental meals. Some of the dishes that stood out for me were the Asian-styled oysters with a hint of chillies and fresh herbs paired with red wine. I’m not a fan of oysters, but I enjoyed the way that these were prepared. I then indulged in fresh burrata with salsa macha, and was blown away by how fresh and crisp it was. Afterwards, I had kimchi prawns that were just the right amount of spicy. When beef tongue with mustard seeds and parsnip puree was served, I was a bit sceptical because I was uncomfortable with the thought of eating tongue. But after the chef explained that it was braised for twelve hours, I was eager to taste it. I’m glad I did because it was soft and juicy, and the parsnip puree gave it an extra kick. I was full, but managed to squeeze in dessert of roasted figs, hazelnuts and cinnamon ice cream. I loved that the food was served in a creative and chic way, which made it extra special.

Marabi Club Fresh Burrata with Salsa Macha Photo Credit to The Joburg Foodie 400x400 - REVIEW: The Marabi Club
Marabi Club Kimchi Prawns Photo Credit to The Joburg Foodie 400x400 - REVIEW: The Marabi Club
Marabi Club Oysters Asian Style Photo Credit to The Joburg Foodie 400x400 - REVIEW: The Marabi Club
Marabi Club Roasted Figs Hazelnuts Cinnamon Ice Cream Photo Credit to The Joburg Foodie 400x400 - REVIEW: The Marabi Club

Image: The Joburg Foodie


My taste buds were taken on an exquisite fine dining experience. I fully enjoyed eating under extravagant dim lighting, and surrounded by antique décor and furniture. I also loved that the patrons were a mix of young and old food and music lovers. As the live band played smooth jazz in the background as I enjoyed my food, I knew that I would return with friends. I highly recommend this gem as a place to take your favourite person for a special occasion, and indulge all your senses.

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