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REVIEW: The Capital Melrose

mel - REVIEW: The Capital Melrose

Our features writer Fundiswa Nkwanyana tells us about her stay at the trendy upmarket The Capital Melrose hotel in Johannesburg.


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The fairly dull exterior that resembled a block of flats made me doubt the fact that this was a luxurious hotel. But, all this changed when I entered through the reception doors. I was immediately taken in by the urban chic decor with a luxurious touch of a deep-rich green colour theme, mirror walls and abstract art on the high ceilings. The reception area had some refreshing welcome juice, water and sweets, which I was happy to indulge in while checking in. The guest relations officers were friendly and informative, making me feel welcomed. During the check-in, I couldn’t help but notice a wall installation with abstract art and perfect lighting, strategically placed to take pictures for social media. I was also happy to be escorted to my room because I needed help with my luggage.

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The distance from the reception to my room was a fair stretch. The self-catering room was decorated with comfortable and modern furniture in luxurious earthy rich tones. I particularly loved the kitchen table with a marble finish, and the minimal furniture in the lounge. The bedroom, complete with an en-suite bathroom, was simple and elegant. The shower head was amazing; showering felt like I was getting a full body massage. My room had a small balcony that unfortunately overlooked a construction site, so I kept the balcony door closed. Whenever I visit hotels, I hate it when they offer a few TV channels to watch. But, this was not the case with The Capital Melrose. It had unlimited Wi-Fi, so I was able to indulge in many hours of Netflix on the big screen, which was placed in both the lounge and bedroom. I could access it throughout the hotel without having to log in and out when I left my room.

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I visited the hotel on a Friday afternoon, and the in-house restaurant and bar area was filled with people enjoying after-work drinks as hip music played in the background. I loved that even though it was fairly busy, there were plenty of seating areas and the restaurant didn’t feel crowed. I opted to enjoy a book by the pool with a nice cocktail. The scenery throughout the hotel was relaxed and modern, which was refreshing.


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On Sunday morning, I had breakfast at the in-house restaurant where I was welcomed by a waitress. The cold buffet spread was minimal, but at least the à la carte breakfast menu was packed with delicious dishes. I ordered an omelette, which was average; I was disappointed by the presentation because I was hoping for a beautifully plated dish.

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I enjoyed my stay at The Capital Melrose, and loved that when I was bored, I could easily and safely walk to Melrose Arch or use the hotel’s shuttle to go to nearby shopping malls. The shuttle service was convenient and reliable. I highly recommend this hotel for long staying business travellers and urban city dwellers for after-work drinks. I’ll definitely be returning, even if it’s just to take Instagram pictures against the cool backgrounds!

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