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Milk with a purpose

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Dairy has health benefits for the whole family and Nestlé adds vitamins and minerals to increase the benefits. Nestlé is also a proud supporter of local farmers and so are you every time you buy a tin of Nestlé powdered milk.

How Nestlé powdered milk is made:

1. First, the milk is collected from local Western Cape dairy farms, like Skimmelkrans in George and Jakkalskraal in Kranshoek. As soon as the milk arrives at our Mossel Bay factory, it is tested in our laboratory to check the quality.

2. The milk is spray-dried to remove the water which leaves behind nothing but 100% pure powdered milk. The water that is collected during the drying process at the Mossel Bay factory is then used to run factory processes like hosing down the milk tanks. This has reduced the factory’s water usage by almost half, reducing dependance on the local municipality.

3. Vitamins and minerals are added to give you and your family the nutrients you need. These vitamins and minerals include vitamins A, B,C,D as well as iron, and zinc.
4. The Nestlé powdered milk is then packaged, ready for you and your family to enjoy the goodness with love.

Did you know?

• Milk contains natural sugar known as lactose and good-quality protein.
• Milk is a good source of calcium. For example, nine cups of broccoli contain the same amount of calcium as two glasses of milk.

Celebrate World Milk Day on 1 June 2019.
Enjoy milk daily as part of a balanced diet*

Learn more about tips to help you Eat Smarter, Move More and Live Better from Nestlé.

For more information on Nestlé powdered milk and how it is made, visit the Nestlé website or follow Nestlé on social media:
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Please contact your Dietician/Nutritionist for personalised nutrition education.

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