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Fun facts with Donovan Goliath

Comedian Donovan Goliath shares a few fun facts about himself – from the best advice he’s received to what we can expect from his set at this weekend’s T-Cross City. By Kwanele Mathebula

Image: Donovan Goliath IG

1. The most interesting thing about me that you wouldn’t learn from my career alone is that I’ve painted a bunch of life-size religious oil paintings for churches in Qunu and Marianhill in KwaZulu-Natal. The money I got from these helped me through Technikon.

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2. I’ve died many times on stage where jokes just didn’t land at all, and instead the audience hit me with blank stares. This taught me to step back, assess why they didn’t work and attempt them again with a fresh perspective. I try and apply this thinking to everything I do now.

3, The one thing I’ve learnt about the entertainment industry is that it’s ruthless. If you don’t show up and keep doing everything in your power to invest in and strengthen your craft, you’ll become insignificant very quickly.

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4. I wanted to be part of VW’s urban playground, T-Cross City, because my first car was a Citi Golf; I’ve always been a fan of the brand. I also like how alternative this concept is. It’s always great collaborating with brands who just want you to be yourself. I’m excited about future endeavours (wink wink).

5. Attendees can look forward to our trio comedy club Goliath and Goliath, where we’ll be giving our all to bring them more than just laughter. There’s going to be a wide range of comedians, lots of energy, big laughs, great music and fun.

6. One song I wish I had written is Baby Shark. Imagine all the money!

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7. The best advice I’ve ever received was from my dad, saying: “be yourself because that quality is the most original thing you own.” It’s so clichéd, but that’s why it’s relevant and powerful. It took me a very long time to truly understand it, too.

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