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Fun facts on Sive Mabuya

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Scandal! actress Sive Mabuya lets us in on her biggest pet peeve, favourite movie and other interesting things about her. By Kwanele Mathebula

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1. My favourite 90’s groups are Boom Shaka, TKZee and Bongo Maffin.

2. In my free time I read or watch movies.

3. The most interesting thing about me that you wouldn’t learn from my career alone I collect a lot of Bollywood movies.

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4. My biggest pet peeves are bad chewers, people who sing the wrong lyrics and those who don’t wear matching underwear.

5. What makes me happy is movie scores.


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6. My favourite movie is Atonement.

7. A series or movie I’d like to act in would be Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame.

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8. A series/ movies that I watched and wished I had written are Get Out, This Is Us and Billions.

9. The one thing that I’ve learnt on my own about the acting industry is that the worst they could do is say no.

10. One thing I miss about my childhood is not paying bills.

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11. The worst advice I’ve ever received was money doesn’t buy you happiness.

12. The best advice I’ve ever received is your looks can only take you so far.

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