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A fun cooking class

3 400x263 - A fun cooking class

Nestlé Recipes with Love hosted a creative cooking class in partnership with talented Why Cook chefs Yolanda Nomoyi and Mathapelo ‘Thapi’ Montsho this Women’s Month. The class took place at the Nestlé Kitchen in Bryanston, with the main ingredients being the loved Maggi Lazenby and Nestlé Ideal Evaporated Milk. “Maggi Lazenby is a liquid seasoning made of natural spices nutmeg, coriander, cloves and garlic. When used in preparing your meals, it enhances the flavour and gives it something special and unique to delight your family and friends. You can use it as a condiment to dash onto your eggs, marinade for your braai or to add extra flavour to your stew,” said Rudo Tsagae, business executive officer: Food at Nestlé South Africa.


The event

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3 250x250 - A fun cooking class
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Consumers who attended the class entered the competition on Nestlé’s social media pages as well as the BONA, Woman & Home and Food & Home Instagram pages. They all enjoyed the day by getting creative in the kitchen with the chefs and working in teams to cook a delicious beef stew with herb dumplings and mocha malva pudding. The experience included learning how to incorporate Maggi Lazenby and Nestlé Sweetened Condensed Milk into the cooking and baking of delicious everyday meals. The class was also attended by media personalities such as Mantsoe Pout from 947. “This was such a fun and exciting event to be a part of! I enjoyed the team interaction in the class and learnt a lot about cooking using Maggi Lazenby and Nestlé Ideal Evaporated Milk,” she said. Chef Mathapelo agreed, adding that the cooking class was a lot of fun. “Our guests had so much energy and enthusiasm throughout the morning. We enjoyed partnering with Nestlé Recipes with Love and showing people how to bring flair to their meals by using Maggi Lazenby and Nestlé Ideal Evaporated Milk.”


The dairy range

3 400x263 - A fun cooking class

The Nestlé Dairy culinary solutions range is a versatile cooking and baking solution that provides delicious creamy flavour and taste to all meals. This is according to Adedoja Ekeruche, business executive officer: Dairy at Nestlé South Africa. “Whether you are using Nestlé Sweetened Condensed Milk as an ingredient when baking or Nestlé Ideal Evaporated Milk for the creaminess of soups, stews and pastas, Nestlé’s culinary solutions range is all made with real milk. It is perfect for adding your special touch to everyday sweet or savoury meals, giving them a full round taste.”


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