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Load shedding in place to privatise Eskom: UDM

SABC News Load Shedding REUTERS 2 - Load shedding in place to privatise Eskom: UDM

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) says the current load shedding is possibly in place to privatise Eskom.

The party says the current rolling power blackouts are a slap in the face of the investment conferences that were hosted in South Africa.

The UDM blames the crisis on the alleged incompetence on the governing party.

UDM Chief Whip and Member of Parliament Public Enterprises Committee, Nqabayomzi Kwankwa, says Stage 6 load shedding is an indication that the African National Congress’ (ANC) incompetence and maladministration has reached unacceptable levels.

“It points to the fact that we wasted time trying to organise investment conferences, because South Africa now is clearly going to go for a recession and jobs are going to be lost because of this negative effect of load shedding on the South African economy.”

“We are of a view that there is more to this than meets the eye. For instance, we think that there are more people who are benefiting or profiting handsomely from load shedding, who are using this in order to get hefty backhanders before Christmas. It is clear that there are also terms at play to try and blackmail South Africans into agreeing to an unbundling of Eskom that might lead to the privatisation of the entity,” adds Kwankwa

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